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Using your eBike as a Throttle only Moped.

If you do not use pedaling on your eBike for most of the time, the following would need to be kept in mind;

  • The top speed would be limited by the settings on your bike.

  • The Throttle is meant to be used on flat surfaces or gentle inclines.

  • If the throttle is applied on a steeper incline your chain or another component of the bike's transmission system may break down.

  • If the throttle is used more frequently than pedaling the components on your transmission system would wear out quickly and this would not be covered under the warranty.

  • The biggest disadvantage you would face with a throttle-only ride is faster depletion of the battery capacity and therefore the range would be severely limited as compared to normal estimations.

  • The motor can heat up rather quickly with throttle only use and can burn out or shut down under certain situations.