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What is PAS?

PAS Stands for Pedal Assist System


The PAS levels correspond to how much help the motor will give you while pedaling.


We will look at a bike with 5 PAS levels, the most common amount on Biktrix bikes. However, this explanation still fits if your bike has more levels or fewer.


If you are at PAS level 1 of 5 you are using ⅕ of the motors available help. Level 2 you are using ⅖ of the available help, level 3 using ⅗ of it, level 4 is ⅘ and at level 5 you are using all of the motors available power and assistance to help you.


The main benefit of PAS is that you can get power from the motor without having to use a throttle - just pedaling will be enough.


Pedal assist systems are classified into two categories based on different sensors used: Cadence and Torque sensors. Biktrix bikes use each of these and some models use both.