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How can I get my Biktrix eBike serviced?

Our Help Centre contains a lot of guides that can help you pinpoint an issue with your bike. Our eBikes generally consist of two types of parts - Electrical & Non-electrical.

Electrical Parts: Most of the electrical parts that we use are industry-standard eBike parts and these are easily available with us or online with other vendors.

We have detailed work instructions/ videos for the removal & replacement of almost every major electrical part on our bikes which can be easily followed by anyone who is handy with basic tools.

The LCD Display on our bikes can display error codes that make troubleshooting very easy on our bikes.

Non-electrical Parts: Almost all of these are standard bike components and therefore can be repaired/ replaced or sourced at local shops or even online. The basic mechanical parts like the fork, shifter, brakes, chain, cassette, etc. are all easily sourceable almost everywhere.

We have worked in the past with bike shops with Zero eBike knowledge or experience and they have been able to resolve issues easily through our Support Team.