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Can eBike Batteries be recycled?

Yes they can! Read on for more information about eBike Battery Recycling.

eBikes are becoming more and more popular as an alternative mode of transportation. As a larger number of people begin to adopt this environmentally friendly option, there consequently will also be an increase in old and depleted batteries. The responsible disposal of your battery is a practice that Biktrix encourages with all of our owners.

Why Recycle?

Old batteries cannot simply just be thrown into the trash. They contain chemicals and minerals that, if poorly disposed of, can cause serious long-term damage to the environment. By properly recycling your used Biktrix batteries, you can make sure that these harmful substances are not only kept away from the landfill, but are also being appropriately collected for use in future batteries.

How to recycle?

Biktrix takes steps in order to ensure that all our customers can properly and easily recycle their used batteries.

Once you have determined that your battery is no longer usable, Biktrix customers can take their battery to one of our local showrooms/dealerships, where the team will gladly accept it for proper disposal.

Alternatively, customers are encouraged to deposit the battery at the nearest Call2Recycle or HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) drop-off location. Drop-off locations can be found on websites such as OR