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Are Biktrix eBikes Tubeless/ Tubeless-ready?

By default, the Biktrix eBikes are NOT Tubeless/ Tubeless-ready unless specified.

There are two major reasons for this;

Cost: While tubeless technology has started to become popular recently it is still not cheap. The rims and tires for a given size are also not cheap or easily available in many places. The repair kits for these are also not easily available at many places as well as they are costly as compared to conventional kits.

Ease of use: This is the most defining factor for this technology's adoption. Since tubeless tires rely on seating the tire bead exactly, they need to be inflated rather quickly and therefore usually need a compressor to inflate especially when filling the air for the first time or after fixing a puncture.

Since riders do not carry a compressor on their far away rides it is very impractical to use these tires unless you are an expert in managing them.

Lastly, the puncture repair kits are not available in every store for tubeless tires and you cannot fold a tubeless tire, unlike the conventional ones which can easily fit in your backpack for instant replacement if needed.

With that being said we have been constantly experimenting with Tubeless Tires and Tubeless-ready rims in short test runs to get feedback from our customers.