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Step 1

  • Check your bike box for any external damages, click pictures of the box from all sides before opening it.

  • Put the box in a well-lit space with a flat surface.

  • Cut open the straps carefully and open the top flap of the box.

  • Refer to the Welcome Booklet shipped with your bike or battery (in case the battery is shipped separately) *also attached here.

  • Ensure that all the contents of the bike are safe and undamaged.

  • In case of any problems with the contents contact support.

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Step 2

  • Assemble your bike as per the assembly instructions available on the Help Centre.
  • Charge your battery.
  • Check your tires' pressure.
  • Check your bike's operation without power first.
  • Check your bike's operation with power on at low settings.

Step 3

  • Read the battery care & maintenance guide carefully.

  • Register your bike with us.

  • Join our Facebook community.

  • Share your pics and smiles with us and everyone you like.

Happy Riding!