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Bedding your brakes is an important thing to do when you receive your eBike in order to have your brakes operate quietly and to get the best stopping power out of them!

To do this you will need the following:

  • A straight, level, dry and safe place to ride

  • You and your riding gear

  • Time

Step 1

  • Goto your riding location. It should be fairly level ground that you can ride straight forward, unobstructed, to reach a low speed.

  • Ride forward to reach a speed of about 15/20km/h (9/12 mph).

  • Lightly apply pressure to only your REAR brake lever to slow down the bike but not completely stop. Repeat this 5 times.

  • Ride forward with a bit faster speed now. Again use only your REAR brake lever and slow down the bike to a coasting speed but not completely stop. Repeat at this faster speed 5 more times.

  • Now repeat the process for the FRONT brake - 5 times fast and 5 times slowly.

  • After performing this for each brake your brakes should be bedded in!